September 2, 2009

Spellwright, Sci Fi, Syfy, and Irony

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Spellwright has been chosen to be the “Sci-fi Essentials Book Series” selection for February 2010.  This means it’s been it given the stamp of approval for co-branding by the cable network formally known as “The Sci-Fi Channel.”

I’m flattered to be chosen. But consider three things: One, Spellwright is a book about the power of misspelling. Two, the former Sci-Fi Channel changed its name to “the Syfy channel” to avoid the negative connotations associated with the spelling “sci fi.” Three, as of now the brand on Spellwright’s cover reads “A Sci Fi Essential Book,” not “A Syfy Essential Book.”*

Taken together, I think these three events are almost-but-not-quite ironic. And, yes, I’ve emailed Alanis Morissette to see if she’d like to work this fact into that song entitled “Ironic,” which is ironically not about irony.

*I’m pretty happy about this last one given that if I a “syfy essential” sounds like something needed to write C++ or Ruby or Some-Computer-Language-about-which-I-know-nothing.



  1. Tyson Perna said,

    I think the change from SciFi to SyFi wasn’t to avoid negative connotations, but was so the company could promote a trademarked brand. You can’t trademark the word Sci-Fi. Or some such shit. :-)

    In any case, congrats. It sounds like you’re going to have a decent PR push behind you. Have you heard anything about a book tour yet?

  2. Jess said,

    Does this mean you get to have sex with a cylon?

  3. Kei said,

    Sci-Fi or SyFy, either way, what an honor! Congrats.
    And yeah, anything about a book tour yet?

  4. Hey, congrats!

  5. Louise said,

    More cool stuff!!!

  6. I think it maybe does qualify as irony…

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