September 23, 2009

Search (for Ridiculous Things) and You’ll Find Me

Posted in Uncategorized at 12:39 pm by blakecharlton

Been on the road for a while, then attending “The First Stanford Symposium on Bedside Medicine,” which was a real honor. Here’s a link to Dr. Verghese’s thoughts on the ritual of the physical exam. His presentation was truly inspiring. During the weekend, I finally got a Twitter account going. Follow @blakecharlton if you’re keen. Am back home now and trying to get a handle all-that-is-to-be-done-soon, like getting through the page proofs of SPELLWRIGHT. To that end, here’s a light post I wrote up while waiting in an airport.

There’s a function on the WordPress softwear that lets me see what search terms lead folk to my blog. Most are about my mentors or friends “Todd Lockwood,” “Abraham Verghese,” and so forth. A few have “Blake Charlton,” or “Spellwright,” punched in, which is nice. But some are just plain hilarious. Here’s a few of my favorites and my reactions.

I am not a nerd:” My friend, by bringing you to this blog, the internet has failed you, horribly. Prepare to be boarded by the Royal Marines of Nerdom.

large bald & loud:” You too, huh?

Stanford Med student lovelife:” Oh, honey, not nearly enough when you’re studying , likely even after.

fantasy authors make too much money:” On what planet do you spend most of your time?

offensive funny jokes about dyslexia:” Only if you’re also dyslexic. And we’re drinking beer.

Should I shave my head against the grain?” HOLY GOD IN HEAVEN, NO!

USMLE is sucking out my SOUL:” Don’t worry; it grows back. Kinda.

I’m not sure why, but when I punch these into Google, my blog doesn’t show up in the results…I wonder why…



  1. Kei said,

    LMAO! I haven’t recently looked at what words are used that bring people to mine.

  2. Jack Kincaid said,

    Those are humorous. A lot of searches which bring people to my website are for music, rather than other things. It’s good to be wanted for something anyway. Although I once saw a hit from a seach on “personality disorder”, and there’s no such reference on my site. How fitting and disturbing is that? There must be some Google Psychoanalysis feature in beta…

  3. Tyson Perna said,

    bwahahahahah! Those are classic.

  4. Thanks guys :) glad to share the snickering.

    Jack: you really shouldn’t publish such thoughts in the public domain. you’re setting on a gold mine with that one. righter after g-analysis could you make my neuroses searchable?

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